Hello Raleigh, Why Are You in My Yard?

easementsIn case you missed it, the City of Raleigh has been actively clearing sewage easements throughout the city. For many years—especially in older neighborhoods where easements can abut property lines—the Public Works Department overlooked fences, landscaping, and even sheds built over these easements, only clearing them on a case-by-case basis.

However, the Environmental Protection Agency audited the city in 2008 and found that Raleigh was afflicted with a slew of sewage overflows. Now the city’s Public Works department is clearing them.

Do I Have an Easement?

Fortunately, most folks don’t have any sort of sewage easement on their property. Yippee!

If you do have an easement, it will be marked on your property survey, a copy of which you should have received at your closing. Surveys are required by most lenders when you purchase a property.

I Can’t Find My Survey

Another place you can check is the city’s iMAPS online system (searchable by your address). Click on “Show Additional Layers” in the bottom right corner and scroll down the list to near the bottom and click on the box next to “Raleigh Sewer.” This should display the sewer lines in green, though be advised that the location the system shows for the lines often is not exactly accurate.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t get to the question of whether the city actually has an easement associated with the sewer line (the answer to this is not always yes). Resolving that question involves going through the deed records for your property, which can be done using the “Search Real Estate Records” section of the Wake County Register of Deeds website.

Still Need Help?

If you still can’t determine whether or not you have an easement, call us here at Pace Realty Group, and we can help you track that data down!

And of course, our advice is and always will be DON’T build or plant until you know where your easement is (if you suspect you have one) and DON’T ever build on it! It WILL cause issues when you want to sell!

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