Give Your Home a Spring Face Lift!

lentenroseAfter all the snow and school cancellations, we were starting to wonder if spring was ever going to arrive!

Rest assured it is coming… and with it we have some recommendations for doing a little timely home maintenance. Especially if you are planning on listing in the next few months, you might want to consider a mini “face lift” for your home’s outdoor spaces!

Here are what we think you should consider, and the bonus is they do pay off down the road—for your own enjoyment if your family is staying put, or for resale if you are going to be listing with us in 2015!

  1. Clean your gutters. Yes, no fun but necessary. A good time to check and make sure they have no ice damage stemming from February’s freak frigid temperatures as well!
  2. Clean your walkways, porches, and decks. Make sure there are no trip hazards from shifting bricks or flagstone, and repaint the posts and rails. Also tighten up any loose railings!
  3. Freshen up your outdoor furniture. Clean them up with a little dishwashing detergent and a scrub brush. Don’t forget the cushions!
  4. Prune and mulch. It’s a good time to remove any overhanging branches, especially after all the snow we’ve gotten. Any weakened limbs may be prone to snapping off the next time we get some “weather!”
  5. Repair your walkway. Do clean up any spalling that has occurred over the winter, and tamp down any loose bricks or flagstones. Just say NO to any trip hazards!
  6. Spiff up the entryway. Restore the luster of your front door by polishing the hardware (hinges, knobs, etc.) and give it a fresh coat of paint. Make sure your doorbell works, and treat your self to a new welcome mat!
  7. Change outdoor bulbs. Those ones you keep meaning to get around to? Yes! All of them!
  8. Check garden hoses. Dry rot can creep up over a long winter. Also check hose bibs for any freeze damage that may have occurred.
  9. Clean and condition your outdoor grill. Be ready for the first barbecue of the spring… need we say more?

We do have more suggestions, especially if you are planning to list! If you need to go over some ideas, give us a call—here at Pace Realty Group we are always happy to help!

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